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Shahab Noor

Non Profitable Charity Orgnization

Our story


Shahab Noor is a non profit organisation which relies on donations to carry its work out.

It was started by a mother who lost her son at age of 19. She established shahab Noor in the hope that when it is her time to return to Allah.

Allah loves those who do what is beautiful (Surah Baqarah [2:195])

As-salamu alaykum I am Zanfar Aziz I am chairperson for Shahab Noor as a child I was brought up in a family that was always doing a lot of charity work, after my mother Amrat Begum passed away, I was inspired as someone approached me full of tears.

At this point I knew I had to continue the work she had already started, I felt I had to continue her legacy in the form of Shahab Noor.

I was also inspired when I sat at my close friend Safinas house who is also a trustee discussing some charity donations we made to support the homeless and poor in England, I stopped and trustee Safina said why not support the needy in Pakistan.


This inspired me to do something in my own home town. Safina (a key trustee) was a major influence in the beginning of this charity.

As-salamu alaykum I am Saima Ajaz I am the treasurer for Shahab Noor my involvement with the charity came after suffering the greatest loss of my son. However I was able to take strength from this and dedicate my time to Shahab Noor to help and support others, Shahab Noor was named after my son Shahab who is In Sha Allah in the gardens of Jannah .

Originally we started as Noor charity in Feb 2019 and have since changed to Shahab Noor. 

Shahab Noor have:
• Funded and supported wedding projects for orphans.
• Fitted water pumps to supply water in rural areas.
• Provided food packages for the poor.
• Supported educational projects/ providing basic life skills.
• Helped victims of domestic violence/ natural disaster.
• Supported people suffering from mental/ physical disorders/ home-less.
Shahab Noor is looking for sponsorship if you are interested in gaining immense reward by supporting our charity.

We have least ten trustees who volunteer their time to the charity and without everyone help and support we are unable to do support the community. A big thanks to the trustees and a big thanks to support and donation.

Thank you for all your donations, help and support.

If you want to find out more information, have any queries or suggestions or want to see how else you can help, then please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Your input helps us to serve better.