Build A Mosque

A mosque is a place where Muslim men are required to perform five daily prayers. According to the tradition of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) a man who makes a mosque Allah makes a home for him in the heaven. Therefore  Shahab Noor after proper investigation offers money for making mosques.


Give Your Donation today for Build A Mosque


Donate towards the mosque libraries. Help us purchase educational books and Quran copies for the students who will be learning. Donate a brick in your name or a loved one today. Donate a prayer space (masala) in your name or a loved one.


We need your Sadaqah/ Zakat donations so that we can continue to fund our projects in the community.


Give Sadaqah

Donate and give Sadaqah by constructing a mosque in your name or a loved ones today. We will construct the house of Allah in rural communities across Pakistan. 

Give Your Donation Today

 The Sadaqah reward will keep reaching you long after you have gone each time someone prays on this space  the perfect investment for the hereafter.